Okay, here we go!

It was therefore intended that I would have a good time, even though I did not ski more than 32km this year, BUT there are a lot of reasons why I failed so badly 🙂

First and foremost, I lost a monopoly yesterday. Took big pressure. Never even get started after the seventh time in prison. Then I did not win the lottery though. I was convinced that 10 million euros would have scrapped into the account.

Then over to the ski slopes. They were crazy! Really bad! No attachment and no slip. Twice the skis were rolled along the route and it took time because it was queued.

And as I said that bad monopoly game yesterday night …

I am not satisfied. Do not really want to talk about this fucking ski run. Want to forget about everything that’s with skiing … Or by the way – in a few weeks I’ll take revenge. (Finlandia race)

The time then … If anyone is probably against care;) Just under 5 hours! Will keep me running!